Esau-Edom Rome: The Hidden Identity of the Man of Sin (Paperback)

Esau-Edom Rome: The Hidden Identity of the Man of Sin By Beneyah Yashar'el Cover Image
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Explore the identity of Jacob-Israel, and uncover evidence that reveals the true identity of Esau-Edom. The descendants of Jacob, the Negroes, were once scattered to the four corners of the earth, including into the continents of Africa and the Americas through diaspora and slavery. Those who bought and sold the children of Israel to the Americas were the descendants of Esau. Since then, they have played an integral role in the demise of Jacob-Israel. Today, Edom-Rome rules the earth. However, there are many Biblical prophecies relative to Esau-Edom and the role he plays in the "last days". Therefore, it is crucial to identify who the descendants of Esau are. This book answers the questions: Who is Esau-Edom? Who are the Edomites? When, Where and How did the Edomites originate in History? and What effect did/does Esau-Edom have on the chosen people of YAHUAH, the Hebrew Israelites?

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ISBN: 9781082500596
ISBN-10: 1082500593
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 25th, 2019
Pages: 492
Language: English